What are this toothpaste’s main ingredients?

Sodium Saccharin, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Lauroamphoacetatem, Prunus Speciosa Flower Extract, and Sodium Phytate.

Is this toothpaste suitable for kids?

While this toothpaste is more for adults, it doesn’t contain any strontium choloride, potassium nitrates, peroxide, triclosan, making it safe for everyone, and this includes kids.

Is it good to regularly use the BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse?

Yes, even hygienists recommend using it as part of your regular routine.

Is BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse only for removing teeth stains?

No, apart from removing stains, it helps your oral health by improving the gums and imparting a long lasting fresh breath.

Will much will this toothpaste whiten my teeth?

The BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse reduces staining and gives your teeth a white color, but it doesn’t whiten your teeth beyond its natural color.

Does the toothpaste contain any ingredients harmful to your health?

BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse is completely free from all toxic components. It is made of baking soda and other non-toxic ingredients that aim to reduce gum inflammation and cavity formation.

Will my tooth enamel erode because of this toothpaste?

No, BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse can be used daily without any adverse effects. It’s not like other harmful teeth whitening products.

Can I use the BAIMISS Teeth-cleaning Mousse on my dentures?

You absolutely can. It can remove stains on dentures with regular use.

Will this toothpaste whiten the crowns of my teeth?

No. You will need to go to dentist to have your crowns swapped out for whiter ones.

Can I still use this toothpaste while I use bleaching trays?

Yes, you can. In fact, this toothpaste will work even without bleaching trays. However, if you still want to use them, combining that with the power of this toothpaste will quicken your teeth’s whitening process.

Does the BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse contain fluoride?

No, the BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse is ultra-gentle on enamel because it’s fluoride-free.

How easy is it to use this toothpaste?

There’s no special trick to it. Just brush your teeth as you normally would. It even comes with an easy-pump dispenser for a perfect amount of toothpaste every single time.