Baimiss Teeth Whitening Mousse Toothpaste

Baimiss Teeth Whitening Mousse Toothpaste

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  • Gain your confidence back with a whiter and brighter smile. You don’t have to be insecure about yellowing, unsightly teeth anymore.
  • Reverse the effects of smoking, drinking tea and coffee, and eating sugary foods by getting rid of enamel stains.
  • Good oral hygiene goes a long way for your self-esteem.
  • Stave off bad breath and keep fresh by getting rid of the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Have a newfound positive outlook with a better physical appearance and psychological well-being. Smiling has been proven to improve your mood.
  • Prevent the formation of cavities by promoting the re-mineralization of your teeth’s enamel.
  • A whiter smile will help you thrive professionally and welcome new opportunities.


Confidence is the main thing that makes people attractive. What better way to exude friendliness than with a white and bright smile? Having yellowing teeth may hold you back from the social interactions you could have. Heck, it could even cost you a career. Yes, most people would prefer to have white teeth, but a smile like that rarely comes naturally.

We can also abuse our teeth with our habits. Since a lot of people develop yellow teeth because of excessive caffeine or nicotine, It’s no surprise there’s a common association between off-color teeth and bad health habits.

Don’t overestimate your regular toothpaste

Most toothpastes claim that they will keep your teeth clean and white. To some extent, this is true. They will help you remove minor surface stains on your teeth and remove bacteria. What companies don’t tell you is that they won’t work well against deep stains that have already discolored your teeth. No matter how hard or how frequently you brush your teeth with these toothpastes, you’re not going to get anywhere.

That’s why some people resort to spending thousands of dollars to have their teeth bleached or have veneers put in. These are two very invasive procedures and they will surely make a dent on your bank account. The good news is that teeth whitening doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse will get you the smile that you deserve.


  • Load your toothbrush with a generous amount of BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse. Thoroughly brush your teeth and tongue for at least 3 minutes to cleanse and refresh your mouth. Rinse afterwards.
  • Squeeze a generous amount of BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse directly into your mouth. Let the Mousse foam by gargling it with a good amount of water. Make sure it covers your entire oral cavity by swirling the foam around for up to 15 seconds. Spit it out and rinse.

To get the best results, brush your teeth with BAIMISS Teeth-cleansing Mousse twice a day. It’s also advisable that you floss to get rid of plaque and food debris. To help the whitening process along, avoid food, drinks, and habits that will discolor your teeth even more. Remember, you also have to take care of your gums as part of excellent oral hygiene.

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sodium citrate, and sakura extracts



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Teeth Whitening



Product name

Fresh and shining teeth-cleaning mousse


Eliminating scale, whitening teeth, and removing bad breath



399 reviews for Baimiss Teeth Whitening Mousse Toothpaste

  1. A***k

    Not bad. Very refreshing. Convenient to take on the road. very fast delivery

  2. R***r

    The teeth look very white! Easy to wash off. However, just clean before going to bed! Delivery – one month.

  3. G***r

    No smell. I recommend it to everyone. I will order more

  4. G***r

    Everything looks great, thank you seller! The quality is very good.

  5. D***e


  6. S***a

  7. I***o

    I use the second day! The sensations are pleasant! What will be the effect, i will write later! Your money is definitely worth it! Recommend seller and product!

  8. G***r

    The product is very easy to use, the mouth is fresh after use, and the teeth are cleaned very cleanly.

  9. G***r

    It is also very simple to use and can be carried around without irritating

  10. G***r

    Use without any discomfort, very easy to use, easy to carry

  11. G***r

    Very good, very comfortable, not irritating, very good smell, very convenient

  12. G***r

    Clean teeth mousse bottle design is very beautiful, very textured

  13. G***r

    Feeling clean teeth mousse is very magical, can completely replace the use of toothpaste, after using it will feel very fresh tone

  14. R***r

    Its really good to use it when you take it with you.

  15. G***r

    It is more convenient to carry than mouthwash, very light, can be used as a toothpaste, and travel is very convenient. The effect is light mint, not hot, mild.

  16. G***r

    This tooth mousse is very clean and clean. After a few times, the teeth are obviously whiter than the original, and the teeth are clean.

  17. R***r

    It smells good and has a light sweet taste in the mouth.

  18. G***r

    The first time I used this toothpaste, it feels good. It is impossible to whiten the teeth once or twice, but it is much more convenient and quicker than the toothpaste used before.

  19. G***r

    Clean teeth, fresh breath, very convenient, after using it, I feel that the teeth are stronger and whiter than before, and will continue to use.

  20. G***r

    After using the fresh breath, the smell is not bad, there is no discomfort, it will not irritate the teeth, the effect is good, and it is very comfortable to use.

  21. G***r

    The effect is obvious, the teeth are obviously clean, this cleaning power is very good, and it is very mild

  22. G***r

    It took a few days, it worked, and the product tasted very good.

  23. G***r

    It is easy to use. It can be used as a toothpaste or mouthwash. Take it with me, this is what I really like and will continue to use.

  24. R***r

    The tone is much fresher, I will use it to clean my teeth every time I eat something. This kind of good product should be recommended to people around me!

  25. R***r

    I insisted on using it for a while and found that the dirt on the teeth was a little bit better. After using it, I felt that the surface of the teeth was smooth.

  26. G***r

    Mousse foam is very delicate cotton, it is very comfortable to spray in the mouth, the taste is a light fragrance

  27. R***r

    After using the mousse, the teeth are really clean.

  28. G***r

    The overall feeling is very good, the taste is quite fresh, no discomfort

  29. G***r

    This cleansing mousse, the cleaning power is very good, it is much cleaner than using toothpaste, and the smell is very fresh, very refreshing and comfortable.

  30. G***r

    It is better than toothpaste, the brush is relatively clean, the tartar is brushed off, and it is very convenient to use.

  31. G***r

    Its much cleaner than before with toothpaste, its a little whiter than before, its very comfortable.

  32. G***r

    Its convenient to use, its fresh, its used for a while, its good and comfortable

  33. G***r

    It tastes very good and very fragrant, and the packaging is very good.

  34. G***r

    The product is very easy to use, the teeth are much cleaner and very convenient

  35. R***r

    This cleansing mousse is very soft, very comfortable, and has a refreshing feeling. After brushing, there will be a fragrance in the mouth, very good.

  36. R***r

    Teeth Mousse feels good, cleans clean, and the teeth are better than before.

  37. G***r

    I like to drink coffee, so there are a lot of tooth stains on my teeth. This mousse is very good. It is better than ordinary toothpaste. It can remove tooth stains.

  38. G***r

    This kind of packaging is much better than ordinary toothpaste, the closed design will not leak out, you can also use it when you go out, just press the mousse and it will come out.

  39. G***r

    Very good, often used, used for two weeks, the effect is very good

  40. R***r

    This cleansing mousse, the effect is very good, the cleaning power is very good, very mild, not irritating, fresh in taste, rich in foam and delicate

  41. G***r

    Without any irritating feeling, the foam is very clean and very clean.

  42. R***r

    It took a while, it was good, it smelled good, very convenient

  43. R***r

    Good quality, very tight packaging, small and delicate shape, open a very fragrant taste

  44. G***r

    very useful. The teeth are slowly turning white

  45. G***r


  46. G***r

    Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, not with toothpaste, the effect is not bad, the tartar is very clean.

  47. G***r

    It took a few days, it feels good, the tone is quite fresh, I think it will be more obvious when the teeth are whitened for a long time.

  48. R***a

    Item came in 10 days

  49. A***h

    Well packed! It came very quickly! Not yet used!

  50. A***k

    Delivery 18 days to ukraine. Packed securely. Bottle 60 ml with dispenser. The expiration dates are indicated, until 2021. White foam with medicinal smell. Foam mousse can be used both for cleaning teeth and for rinsing the mouth. To clean the teeth you need to squeeze the desired amount of foam on the toothbrush and brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes. To rinse out the desired amount of foam in the mouth and rinse 10-15 seconds. Foam cleans instantly teeth, no irritation and discomfort does not cause. Refresh your breath, teeth become whiter, instant feeling of cleanliness of teeth, smoothness. In the composition: sodium lauryl amphoacetate, sodium citrate and sakura extracts.

  51. AliExpress Shopper

    arrived undamaged and as described. came around 3 weeks.

  52. A***a

    The first time i try such a tool for cleaning teeth. An interesting tool in the form of mousse turned out to be very effective and perfectly cleans the teeth from the raid, gently whitens them and refreshes the breath. Mousse is in the bottle with a convenient dispenser, before using it you need to shake, and then use the dispenser to squeeze a small amount on the toothbrush. Mousse has a light mint smell and taste, delicate texture. I liked this remedy! I advise everyone to try!

  53. E***a

  54. T***a

  55. C***y

    adjust got it in. after i try it ill let you know if it works!

  56. N***a

    An unusual tool, for the first time i saw this. Mousse is cool, well removes plaque-teeth as they creak! I use toothpaste instead.
    The taste is pleasant, mint, refreshing well.
    I really liked it!

  57. S***a

    This is definitely the departure of the 21st century. Mega convenient thing. Cleans the oral cavity without water. Convenient to carry in your purse, take to the office and road. You can use mousse in two ways: standard and without water. Has a pleasant taste of refreshing sweet mint. I’m delighted, i strongly recommend. Sure, you won’t regret it.

  58. A***r

    Used once, makes teeth & mouth feel cleaner and fresher. Unsure if it will make them whiter/brighter yet.

  59. d***a

  60. n***r

  61. I***s

  62. M***a

    One of the best acquisitions, did not even expect this effect, the food plaque of the musa removed in two days, the teeth feel smooth. Very small consumption, definitely i will take, thank you

  63. A***S

    Super quality!! Bought 2 pcs. Everything came whole, well packed.
    According to the consistency-white foam. Nice smell of freshness.
    How to use? Can be used as a rinse-squeeze the foam into the mouth and hold 10 seconds and spit.
    Can be used as paste, apply a little foam on the toothbrush and brush your teeth for 2 minutes.
    Can be used after normal paste.
    Excellent cleans teeth from plaque, does not irritate the mouth and does not bake. very good quality. I use 7 days after the usual paste, good refreshing, no sour taste. very satisfied, a little more teeth steel on 1 tone. also well kills bad bacteria. It feels clean.
    Shelf life of 3 years, up to 2021.
    Delivery 10 days ukr mail to ukraine!!

  64. J***a

  65. T***a

    Mousse for teeth from the popular brand baimiss. The box is packed in a film. The tool for teeth in a very interesting form, in the form of foam, unusual, but very convenient. A bottle of small size for 60 ml, with a pump and a lid, this form of packaging for me is much more convenient than ordinary paste, because. It is better to stand on the shelf and more convenient on the road. In order to use the tool, you need to shake the can a couple of seconds and everything, the foam is well dosed, enough one press per time. Cleans teeth perfectly, teeth smooth and silky, even after eating this feeling does not disappear, the taste is very pleasant, mint, there is light viscosity. Shelf life 3 years. I was satisfied with the purchase. Thank you. Seller recommend.

  66. O***a

    I ordered the goods on june 2, came on june 20. Delivery is fast, in my opinion. The item was not tracked. The product is packed branded. Now i’ll try to see if he’s good. I’ll sign it later.

  67. A***E

    All right and fast. Thank you seller

  68. v***v

    I put on a brush for cleaning, before use i shake, but it does not come out with clean foam, but with a wait, which is not quite convenient. Cleans well, refreshes too. When cleaning, there is no discomfort, the taste of sweet mint with honey. I use 1-2 times a week, i like it. I recommend.

  69. k***k

    Excellent tool for cleaning teeth. I really liked it. You can use mousse by pressing it on the toothbrush, before this it is good to shake the bottle. It can also be used as a mouthwash, just squeezing the foam into the mouth. Well cleanses plaque and superski refreshes breath.

  70. N***a

    Sent and delivered the order quickly, packed in a box and film. Nothing was wrinkled. Pleasant foam with fresh mint taste. I use after each meal, 2 clicks and hold for 30 seconds. No gösen irritation, no more sensitive teeth. Whitening effect is, but not fast.

  71. a***.

    thank you

  72. A***a

  73. E***a

    Super! Great mousse! Very convenient on trips. Taste mint, well foamed. Packed perfectly. Manufactured quite recently, shelf life up to 15/05/2021. There is a sticker with a protective strip for checking. Excellent product! Delivery to belarus 10 days! Wonderful store! I recommend. Rightfully deserves 10☆

  74. N***a

    For a long time i saw at the sister an expensive paste-foam-rinse, and here, i ordered myself an analog here.
    Received in about 4 weeks in moscow.
    The seller as a gift put a whitening strip for the teeth.
    Branded box in mica.
    You can use mousse as a rinse, convenient when sleeping outside the house.
    And you can like a toothpaste on a toothbrush.
    Pleasant mint taste.
    Plaque on the teeth dissolves.
    The effect is good, without gum irritation and enamel pain.
    I advise!

  75. E***a

    Real feedback!))) the feeling of cleanliness of teeth is true! I do not know how safe it is for enamel teeth, but i still like it))
    At the expense of bleaching enamel i can not yet, but after cleaning the teeth straight feeling of freshness)))
    The expense of the money due to the fact that it is foam, small, so, i dare assume that it will last for a long time.

  76. I***v

    It all came, mousse smells good. The bleaching effect is not yet noticeable.

  77. R***v

    In the case has not yet checked, the box is slightly wrinkled, but packed tightly. Instructions for use and contraindications are not available. If the teeth do not suck or bake off!

  78. C***O

    very good. i recommend !

  79. A***i

    it is good

  80. T***a

    Super really liked this thing. Refreshes breath and slightly whitens teeth. Convenient to take with you on a trip!

  81. M***a

    I have not tried it yet, but judging by the reviews the product is good, the seller put a lip balm as a gift. Very nice. If there is a good effect, then the booze to order this foam. Thank you seller

  82. A***o

    Cool foam for oral hygiene, well cleanses and refreshes the teeth, as for bleaching, it is very light, but the effect is, if the teeth are naturally white, then definitely worth a try. But the foam really cleans the teeth well, i use after i clean them with paste, two strokes are enough. The taste is mint, after use there is no discomfort.

  83. S***a

    Oooochen cool remedy!!! Really cleans the enamel and removes plaque. And even my sensitive teeth do not react!!! Plus a pleasant aroma and consistency of mousse. Recommend!!!

  84. E***O

    The parcel came, hurray was no longer hoping, i’ll try to write in detail

  85. O***v

    All super wife is very satisfied, even put a gift

  86. m***n

    I haven’t tried it yet. Delivery is fast.

  87. E***d

    It came very well.

  88. L***a


  89. K***o

    Order made on june 20 received on july 4) very fast delivery, packing whole goods corresponds to the description) i hope and for a good result!) thanks!

  90. M***k

    I’m very satisfied

  91. l***t

    very good product

  92. T***k

  93. o***a

    Got mousse. Item tracked, came quickly,
    Boxes are not crumpled. The smell of mousse is pleasant, weak. Of course instruction and all information in chinese. Shelf life only on the box. 05.07.2019 we start the experiment on the work of moussa. later we will write the results.

  94. o***l

    Delivery two months. As a gift put lip balm.

  95. V***k

    The order is happy thanks to the seller

  96. I***k

  97. I***o

    Good foam for cleaning teeth. Bleaching such as in the photo, do not hope. Plaque removes, breath refreshes. A small amount is enough to properly brush teeth. If long and constantly use, can and will give whitening effect

  98. i***a

    This is my favorite seller, all orders made in this store, always come on time and well packed, the product is excellent, all that is written in the description corresponds to reality. very satisfied with the service and quality, thank you.

  99. n***a

    Nice very fresh

  100. m***a

  101. o***o

  102. e***a

    Very satisfied with this zkba paste. I recommend to purchase. Enough one click to brush your teeth. Foaming very well, smells wonderful. Seller and goods 5

  103. B***a

    like it, Easy to apply, nice mint taste

  104. R***v

  105. M***k

  106. c***z

  107. R***r

  108. t***v

    Quality-super, for such money just awesome! Fast shipping! Excellent seller-i recommend.!

  109. N***r

    A month on the go. Do it haven’t used. Word prosecuted.

  110. U***s

  111. E***o

  112. E***l

  113. n***a

  114. Z***y

  115. C***k

  116. g***e

    Delivery to moscow region 19 days, the product is of good quality, wonderful refreshing and cleansing effect. The icc is very gentle and pleasant. I recommend. Thanks to the seller.

  117. i***o

    The order took a long time. The muz really whitens well can be said the frequency to the creak of the teeth is so good. The musk resembles to taste mint essence well eliminates the unpleasant smell and whitens well. To the product and seller recommend. Throughout the time the seller supported and extended the protection, the parcel was not tracked.

  118. M***a

    The parcel reached st. petersburg somewhere for 2 weeks, which is very fast. Tracked all the way. Boxes with paste are not wrinkled, sealed in cellophane, shelf life of the product-until march 2022. I have not tried it yet, i will add a review based on the results of use.
    The order is happy, the seller thanks!

  119. o***o

    Delivery is very fast, days 10. foam cleans the oral cavity, refreshes, can completely replace toothpaste, but wow effect no and solid plaque does not remove. convenient to use on the road…

  120. I***v

    Came quickly

  121. r***l

  122. G***z

  123. K***o

  124. A***a

    Excellent foam for the oral cavity. Refreshing breath, very pleasant to taste. It is convenient to take with you. Sent the order quickly the day after the order. Shipping super fast only 12 days. Track tracked. I recommend.

  125. E***a

    I hope the remedy is good. Thanks to the seller for the gift-lip balm-gentle, not sticky, odorless. I recommend

  126. s***s

    All good thank you

  127. P***l


  128. M***z

  129. R***r

  130. E***a

    It came quickly, has not yet tried

  131. E***r

  132. V***n

  133. R***r

  134. R***a

    All Super thank you

  135. N***a

    I like it

  136. E***a

  137. O***v

  138. P***u

  139. K***o

  140. S***a

    Thank you! Quick!

  141. E***a

    THE product came very fast

  142. H***A

  143. O***a

  144. G***n

    Received in the course of 2 weeks. I haven’t tried it yet. Then i’ll finish. Thank you. I recommend

  145. N***a

    It was so funny… I order a lot of parcels, myself and friends, i do not remember much that i ordered. I got this emulsion, anointed on my hands and remember for what: from mosquitoes, against acne, from a cold 🙂 i had to open orders and read reviews 🙂 by the way about the order: the smell of menthol, pleasant, foaming… The effect has not yet noticed, well, people from the third time nothing is noticeable. We’ll try

  146. S***l

    Good product, fast delivery

  147. C***c

    Thank you

  148. p***z

  149. T***a

  150. M***i

  151. T***T

  152. A***i

  153. Y***o

  154. A***a

  155. L***a

  156. A***M

  157. O***a

    The goods did not come, the seller returned the money.

  158. S***a

    same as it show.thank you

  159. y***i

    i haven’t try yet..but i will give another feedback once i see changes..thank you seller .

  160. j***a

  161. e***n

  162. s***s

  163. g***a

  164. Y***v

  165. g***z

    The parcel is delivered quickly. After receiving immediately tested, the result is excellent. Paste well foams, perfectly refreshes the mouth. I liked everything, we order more.

  166. L***a

    Until used, the store is satisfied

  167. J***l

  168. S***v

  169. s***s

  170. J***s

  171. D***a

  172. D***o

  173. E***a

  174. A***o

    I try after I will put a comment. In any case the product arrived quickly

  175. L***d

  176. t***a

  177. M***t

  178. r***a

  179. F***e

  180. D***a

    Sensational foam wash tooth
    Cordial dziekuje and obviously sincerely recommend honest seller

  181. I***o

  182. V***v

  183. E***a

  184. A***n

  185. a***d

  186. A***i

  187. L***u

    I’ll try it. i’ll tell you if it works.

  188. m***b

  189. G***n

  190. e***t

  191. C***p

  192. f***r

    I love it so much ..

  193. M***s

    Fast shipping. Paste in the form of foam, cleans well. From the first time, of course, you will not see the bleaching effect. I hope to see in the future.

  194. N***y

    Quick. Then i will add a review of the action

  195. E***s

    Come and then a poko wrinkled the box but intact the product i am already proving it later i’ll see the results and comment

  196. N***e

    item received

  197. C***A

  198. U***v

  199. A***v

  200. E***y

  201. m***n

  202. i***t

  203. M***a

    Mousse for cleaning teeth went long enough, was well packed, during transportation was not damaged. The 60 ml bottle was packed in a cardboard box sealed with mica. The bottle is equipped with a convenient pump dispenser. The manufacturer states that mousse effectively cleans plaque and dental stone, gently whitens teeth and refreshes breath. The product contains components such as citric acid, peach flower extract. As it turned out, this tool is two in one: can be used as toothpaste (squeeze the mousse on the toothbrush and brush teeth and tongue for 2-3 minutes), and as a mouthwash (squeeze out the mousse, foam in the mouth and keep 10-15 seconds, then spit). The mousse itself is white, has a pleasant taste. Dental plaque removes effectively, for a long time refreshes breath. As a gift to order, the seller put sachet-probe whitening toothpaste. Trifle, but nice.

  204. J***d

    Thank you just arrived the product I give another feedback if I used it!hope it work

  205. c***u

    Thank you to the seller of my order delivered rather than planned I will return once use if satisfied or not

  206. N***a

    Thank you, everything is high quality and fast

  207. N***A


  208. m***m

    Okay, thank you!

  209. i***y

  210. c***o

  211. T***a

  212. K***k

  213. f***r

  214. g***a

  215. N***a

  216. E***h

    Means in the form of foam, quite air consistency. At first it was unusual, but then i liked it. Despite the texture, cleans very well, teeth as if polished, smooth, there is a feeling of purity. Also, the foam can be used to rinse the mouth during the day after eating, it is very convenient (especially at work when there is no way to brush teeth). The volume of the bottle is small, but the consumption is economical. Taste mint, refreshing. I’m happy.

  217. N***o

    Got it today. Everything came well packed. After use, write off.

  218. V***n

    The goods came quickly and whole. Foams well.

  219. M***m

    Thank you very fast shipping

  220. d***z


  221. A***a

    I recommend

  222. M***r

  223. d***z

  224. N***a

  225. s***s

  226. R***r

  227. E***a

    The product is super, take it will not regret. Thanks to the seller for the fast delivery and quality goods. I advise the goods and the seller

  228. K***x

    Thank you seller, good item , fast delivery

  229. S***a

    Excellent cream, i order not the first time, from the bites of camaras and the moss helps perfectly.

  230. C***a

    One minus: there is no instruction even in english, learned about how to use the tool from the comments

  231. Z***e

    Perfect! Many thanks! Will order again!

  232. f***z

    All ok need to prove it

  233. v***m

    Waiting delivery

  234. E***z

  235. R***s

  236. m***s

  237. M***a

  238. c***p

  239. M***i

  240. A***o

  241. Y***t

    Order received. Still testing. I will give additional comments later.

  242. E***n

    Not enough instructions in english, and so it even works)

  243. L***o

    Arrived fast Thank you seller

  244. r***r

    Product excellent. Loved
    Thank you seller

  245. C***a

  246. m***n

  247. A***a

  248. M***c

  249. c***o

  250. R***r

  251. O***f

    It’s not done yet.

  252. O***a

    I received the product very quickly and it is according to description I gave it 5 stars I recommend dealing with it

  253. o***i

    received as per the advertisement

  254. E***A

    Thank you, i recommend

  255. n***a

  256. I***h

  257. s***h

  258. k***n

  259. R***r

  260. L***n

    Very good foam for teeth whitening, packed carefully in mica, shelf life up to 2022, before use shake, purchase very satisfied, thank you very much seller, recommend seller and his shop.

  261. M***n

    Didn’t try it yet

  262. l***l

    Well received sends fast remains more than to try Thank you seller

  263. m***i

    The seller is a good person, I answer quickly. I recommend it. Thank you, brother

  264. O***a

    Super fast shipping. After the first application, the teeth are very smooth

  265. T***i

    fast shipping left to try

  266. J***h

    The smell and taste of mint. No irritation.
    My teeth get smooth.Good cleaning power.

  267. g***a


  268. N***A

    The parcel was not tracked, but came quickly. Box quality, in film. All in chinese. You punch in your mouth, you rub and you’re done. Clean teeth effect and fresh smell. Advise taking

  269. I***i

    good and fast shiping

  270. r***s


  271. o***i

  272. I***K

  273. G***a

  274. m***m

  275. a***a

  276. J***a

  277. k***a

  278. D***a

  279. N***a

  280. s***m

  281. S***s

  282. B***a

  283. O***n

    Delivery 30 days to norway! Excellent product, teeth become smooth after it, good refreshing! Packed well, thank you.

  284. B***h

    tried for 4days now but I see no effect. shall give more review once I use the whole bottle.

  285. g***k

    I like, the taste is pleasant, about bleaching to write early.

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    very accurate

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    I couldn’t believe my eyes. I told my partner to leave the foam on his teeth for 5 min after he brushed his teeth and this was the outcome.

  304. V***G

    It came quickly. Refreshes but i do not observe the bleaching effect yet. Very delicate texture. It is a pity that there is no instruction in the box. Maybe i’m just doing something wrong. And so nice gentle toothpaste

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    Just received. Very well packed and super fast delivery. Thanks

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    Pleasant to taste, a little unusual to brush teeth with foam

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    Definitely works!! And has a minty after taste! 🙂

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    The order came in time, well packed, do not remember. The smell is very pleasant, the taste too. Twice cleaned-in the mouth freshness. Bleaching has not yet noticed. I will test further-i will add feedback!

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    Apply to the brush is not quite convenient, according to the consistency-not thick, air foam. It refreshes well, cleans plaque and polishes teeth, until the bleaching effect has not noticed, but it seems to me, prevents the appearance of tartar.

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    I did not see the lightening, but it’s nice for trips.

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    Pas encore testé

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